If you dream of conquering space and heavenly spaces, then I can offer you to begin to become a great pilot of an airplane. You are invited to play the game online for free, in which you become a pilot of a super-speed military fighter. The main task of the player is to try at any cost to survive in this high-speed rhythm of the game and at the same time destroy enemies. And they will come from all over the world, as this game is multiplayer and is available in any corner of the globe to which the benefits of civilization have come in the form of a world wide web. Because the game requires quick response and speed of decision-making, then you need to tune in before the game. You will have to dodge the attack of enemies at extremely high speeds so that you will not be shot. One of the advantages of the game – there is a system of bonuses. As such, the help descends directly from above on parachutes (weapons and other items useful to the player). The unseen fate of the catch-up, so you need to become a leader and eventually win. Otherwise, why start the game? I wish you successes, that is, victories!

Control: mouse.


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