Welcome to the cool multiplayer online game “”. “” consists of a series of mini-games in each new round. This game is not only dynamic but rather epic looks from the outside. You will play a gangster that moves on a pixel map. Your team will fight in blue, and the team of enemies – under the red. The number of players from both teams, you can view on the table in the upper right corner, and in the left corner, there will be a map with a view of the movement of all the players. In your arsenal will be a powerful machine gun and hand grenades. Grenades are generated every fifteen seconds, and a machine gun, you can use indefinitely. Despite the long generation, the grenades inflict powerful damage almost in one hundred percent of the player’s life. For each hit in the enemy, you will be awarded points. The more players you kill, the more points you earn. It will not be so easy because the game will be in the deadly battle mode. To make up for lost health, you can use first-aid kits, of which there are a lot of games in the game. In the menu “Set Up”, you can change your role and become a different character – from the hunter and sniper to the duckling, who must hide from the pursuers. Have a good game!


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