Splix.io is a new multiplayer online game in which the main goal is to capture territory. Each new player, after joining the server, gets on a separate card, which has a huge size and consists of small squares. Initially, each player has a different color, such as red, yellow, blue, purple, orange, and others. At the very beginning of the game, the player has a small map area, one or two dozen cells that are colored in his color. Further, he can seize the new territory with his worm, which moves automatically, to any of the given directions. You can control the worm, but it’s not easy. It is forbidden to crash into your body. To capture a piece of territory, you need to select a certain area and return to the field of your color, so the selected area will also become yours. The player who captured the largest territory is considered the winner, but to keep his place is hard. Other players can eat off pieces of your territory and paint it in their color, turning it into their property. To win, you need to act cautiously and occupy the new territory in small pieces to be less vulnerable to attacks by other players. Choose your special color, enter the name and proceed to a crazy war over the territory in Splix.io. Good luck!


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