The game Wormax.io introduces you a multiplayer new version of the io series, where the main characters are none other than worms. You again have to win the title of leader, only now with small additions. Once your nickname is entered in the special window you can start playing. At the very beginning, your worm will be very small and that it will be able to defeat an opponent. It must be fed. The food will be scattered on the playing field, which will be the first step to increasing its strength. As soon as he grows up a little, you can stand up against the players and start devouring their worms. Also, do not forget about the emerging booster, which empowers your character with special abilities. All of them differ in properties, but each of them can be very useful against other players. Time of its action is limited, so try not to get too carried away. The game has the ability to change the appearance of the worm, and when registering to get additional bonuses. After that, they can be spent on improving the worm or buying special artifacts. But the most important thing is that you can make your character the strongest and thanks to him to rise to the top of the rating. Control is carried out by the mouse, the left button or the Q key accelerates it, W stops, E is responsible for transparency.


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