Oceanar.io is a new io game, a mix of Slither + Pirac io. Here you need to control the piranha with your pack. First, at your disposal is one small fish. Then, as she accumulates weight, she has a little fish that follows her. In this way. It is necessary to collect a large team of marine inhabitants. Crabs must be added to their flock, they are the strongest and quickest predators.
Basic rules of the Ocean Io:
The queen-fish should always be in a protected place, among the pack
Feed the queen and other creatures from the pack
Beware of the jellyfish, it can destroy a small fish. Having typed, a certain mass, it is not worth it to be afraid. Even a few small creatures can be dealt with.
Kill other people’s queens to capture their packs
Hold LMC or W – control the flock
Retention of PKM or a space – to unite lone creatures


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