invites you to play in a multiplayer game, where the main characters are friendly narwhals. Players from all over the world gathered here who are ready to fight to become a leader in it. Narwhal is a large whale, which has a big horn on its head, which will cut its opponents. You will be given a specific color at the very beginning. To attack an opponent it is only necessary to accelerate, then he will do everything himself. It is necessary to cut it across the floors or at least cut a small part. It will not be so easy to do it, because everyone dreams of becoming a winner. In the game you will be presented with a table of leaders in which players are divided into levels that they were able to achieve. The more you win, the faster you can get to the level of leadership. With each level, your abilities increase, and the character grows and improves your abilities. Try to be very dexterous and do not get caught by other players, otherwise you can lose and not achieve the desired rating. The control in the game is quite simple, the narwhal performs all the movements that the mouse performs using its left key, it accelerates, the right one slows.


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