We suggest you play a new first-person shooter. In Cranker, all events will take place in a big city, among the mass of buildings, the battle will have to be fought both on the street and in the houses. You can play both independently and by teaming with other participants. The goal is simple – to destroy all enemies, gain game points for this and advance to the top of the top.

Immediately after the start of Cranker. Your fighter is already well armed, in the arsenal he has a pistol and a stock of cartridges. As you progress through the round, you can change weapons to a more powerful one. Consider that the number of cartridges is limited and periodically you will be able to replenish their stocks. You can find bullets in gray boxes, which are periodically found on the location. Open them and, by activating the R key, stuff the bandolier.

In addition to the usual rivals, in Cranquerio there are also combat bots. They are very dangerous, and it’s almost impossible to deal with them alone. Bots are unusually strong and shoot with incredible accuracy. Avoid them until you join one of the factions, only by common forces you will have a chance to win over them.

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