Meet the novelty in the style of Io. The new game “” is really brutal disassembly between cars of different colors. Developers of the long-known and popular toys, created another cool multiplayer. Now you have to play small, but very mobile cars that have a disc with spines, chained on the chain behind.
This is quite a powerful weapon, which helps to deal with competitors one successful throw. But besides rivals, other harmful creatures in the form of green triangles also rush through the arena. They eat multicolored energy points, which feed and your transport too, and at the same time take away energy from yourself. It is better not to get into their clusters until the time until you are strong enough.
Attack should be on the enemy with a smaller mass, if it turns out to be much larger, perish by the death of the brave. Remember, sometimes you can lose your ball, dangling on the tail, but it’s not deadly yet. Carefully inspect the playing surface and pick up a free spiny ball on your chain.
The game “” is very bright and original. She does not have any brakes that occur in similar games. The cars develop a mad speed, obeying the slightest movement of your mouse. It is very convenient to use a map where you can see your location, and know in which direction your enemy is moving. Have fun and have fun in the company of thousands of players from all over the world. Pleasant rest and entertainment. Call friends and come off in full. Good luck!


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